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A list of shared houses (dormitory and private rooms), whole houses, and apartments in Kyoto operated by J-STAY.

If you want to save your money, we recommend the dormitory type of a shared house, the whole house when staying with a couple or friends, the apartment type when your priority is privacy.

We have various types of shared houses, such as a shared house remodeled from a Kyoto-style townhouse (machiya), a Brooklyn style that incorporates black, dark colors and smoky colors, a traditional house with a hori-gotatsu and an inner garden, and women-only houses.

Cozy House Kiyomizu

A renovated home in a quiet area. It is a property that even groups can stay.

Fujibakama House

A renovated "Kyoto Machiya" house from two houses into one.

Fujinomori House

Featuring Brooklyn style decoration. 2 min walk from Sumizome Sta..

Ginkakuji Shared House

Just by the Path of Philosophy. House shared by 8 people.

Heights Sanpo

Furnished 1K apartment. The monthly rent is 49000 yen.

Horikawa Kitayama Guesthouse

The view from the roof is attractive. Close to Bukkyo Uni..

Kaguraoka House

Featuring a large common area. 8 min walk to Kyoto Uni..

Kamikatsura House

Easy access to Kyoto University Katsura Campus.

Karasuma Gojo Apartment #702

1K studio apartment. Close to Kyoto Sta. and Shijo Karasuma.

Kujo Karasuma House

A shared house with a variety of rooms. 10 minutes walk to JR Kyoto station.

Ladies Maison Bersa

Dormitory house with a large kitchen, living and bathroom.

Liquorice House

Renovated a 100-year-old Machiya. A fusion of antique furniture and modern atmosphere.

Matsubara Shared House

Located in a quiet residential area. Close to Hankyu Saiin Sta.

Nick's Guesthouse

A stylish house with a spacious and bright kitchen and living room.

Nishikyougoku House

This renovated house is located in good access area. It is also suitable for groups.

Petit Maison Honenin

Furnished 1K apartment. Good access to city central area.

Shared House Bersa

It is convenient for living because it is close to Bukkyo University, Otani University, Ritsumeikan University, and Kyoto's longest shopping street, "Shin-Omiya Shopping Street". Privacy is also important in a separate private room.

Shared House Shichirin

Renovated machiya style house. One station away from Kyoto Sta..

Shared House Tachibana

Luxury Japanese style house with "kotatsu" and garden.

Shijo Karasuma Apartment

Furnished studio apartment. Close to Shijo Karasuma.

Takano Shared House 1

3 rooms house with a large living space. Close to Kyoto Uni..

Takano Shared House 2

The rooms features vintage-style furniture. Close to Kyoto Uni..

Tiny House

A townhouse decorated antique furniture. Close to Kamo river.

Toji House

[Minami-ku, Kyoto / Capacity 6 people] A share house near Toji Temple whichis historic building in Kyoto. There is also a room where two people can live.

Urban Hills Yoshida

Full furnished studio apartment. 8 min walk to Kyoto Uni..

Yebisu House

Large living space. Close to Doshisha and Ritsumeikan Uni..