Frequently Asked Questions

About J-STAY

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Yes, you can. Please send us an application form if you find a room to rent.

You do not need to pay the agent fee. No guarantor is required to make a contract. We will ask you to send us your ID with your photo and a emergency contact number.

In our share houses, both Japanese and foreign nationals live together under the same roof. People share their culture and experiences, while learning about others. From an ecnomoic point of view, you can save money if you use J-STAY.

The office is about a 5 minute walk away from Kyoto station. Get PDF access map

We all can speak English. And the lease contract is completely written in English.

About Reservation

We will ask you to send us your ID with your photo and a emergency contact number.

Yes, you can rearve a room even you are out of Japan. Please contact us by email or telephone. Here is the contact page.

We require our tenants to give us a 4 weeks advance notice when planning to move out. Therefore we cannot know the room availability more than 4 weeks ahead. However, please feel free to contact us even if your arrival is a month or more ahead. We will put your name on the waiting list.

Please have a look Renting Procedure if you have already decided your move-in date and which room you would like to stay in. To Property List, please go to the Search page.

Yes, we can show you a room you are interested in. However, tenant applications are treated on a first-come-first-serve basis. We are afraid that we may have to refuse your visit request if a tenant application has been submitted before your visit date. Please send us a Visit Request Formif you wish.

We are sorry but once the deposit is transferred it cannot be refunded in case of cancellation. If you made a reservation by credit card, you will be charged 30,000 yen if you cancel your reservation.

The minimum stay is 1 month. The rent for exceeding 30 days will be prorated.
(e.g.) The amount you have to pay in the case you stay for a month and 10 days in room of the motthly rent 60000yen is 80000yen = 60000 + (60000/30*10).

e.g.) Staying for a month and 10days in the room of 60000yen.
60000 + (60000/30days*10days) = 80000yen

We require the permission of parents in case that a teenager wishes to rent a room.

Please be sure to collect it yourself. We cannot collect it on your behalf.

About Room & Facility

Almost all of our propertie's rent includes utilities such as gas, water and electricity. However, some rooms and houses do not. Please refer to each house page for details.

All rooms/houses/apartments have furniture and air-conditioning. Some rooms may have a desk, chairs, dressers, etc. Please refer to the photo of each room.

Yes. All room have locks and keys.

We offer free Internet connection. Please refer to the each house page to know the connection type.

Please have a look the following links to know differences.

All properties do not have a parking spaces for cars. Please refer to each house page for information about parking motorbikes and bicycles.

Yes, you can. Please follow the alien registration procedures at the ward office where your house/apartment is.

All rooms are prohibited from smoking. Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas.

During Your Stay

At shared house, each house has a cleaning duty list. Cleaning and garbage management would be done by everyone in the house by turns.

Visitors can stay at the house between 8 am and 9 pm. Any visitors planning to stay past 9 pm are regarded as an overnight guest, and the tenant has to pay 1000 yen per night. Only one overnight guest is allowed. The overnights guest can only stay for two nights in a particular month.

We require at least a 4 weeks advance notice if you want to move out.

Please call us immediately. We will correspond even out of the business hours in case of emergency.

Some rooms can be occupied by two people. Please search from our Detailed Search page.

No, none of our properties have curfews.

The furniture in the room is to be in the room even if you do not need them. Please keep everything in the room.

All properties have a washing machines. Some properties do not have a dryer. Please refer to the each property page for more details.

We do not accept credit card for rent payment. Please make a bank transfer or bring cash to the office for your monthly rent payment. The monthly rent needs to be paid by the 26th of each month.


We have a few women only houses. Please search from Detailed Search page.

You cannot stay in our shared houses with your child. However, some of our apartments and houses allow to stay with a child. Please contact us for details.

All properties forbid pets, such as a cats, dogs, fish, etc.