Renting Procedure

Easy&simple system. You can book a room by online.


Room Search

Find a suitable room, house, apartment or house to you from the map, conditions, house list. Or just get in touch with us.

Send Form

Please send a visit request form if you would like to take a inspect any room before making a reservation. If you do not need a room visit, please send a reservation request form.


Please send a copy of the following IDs with your photo. Passport, Drivers license, Employee ID or Student ID. Based on your application form and ID, we will carry out our internal screening process.


After screening, we will ask you to send 30000yen to reserve the room. If it is difficult for you to send a deposit from overseas, we will ask for your credit card information as the guarantee of the reservation.

We will return 29000yen (1000yen per person for sheet cleaning) on the day you move out if there is no loss or damage in the room. The deposit will not be refunded for any cancellations once it is transferred. Or we will charge 30000yen to your credit card in case you cancel the reservation.

At office

Contract and Move-in

On your move-in day, we will go over the terms of the lease contract at our office or in your reserved room. After that, we will give you room keys. We are available from 10:00 to 17:00 for move-in procedure. Please pay the monthly rent (and the deposit in the case you reserved the room by credit card) on the move-in day.

Monthly Rent Payment

The following month's rent needs to be paid by the 26th day of each month. Please pay the rent before the 26th if the financial institutions' holidays fall on the 26th.

Move-out Notice

You must inform us about of your move out date at least 4 weeks in advance. This means that you have to pay rent at least 4 weeks after you inform us. We also need to schedule the time of our meeting on your move-out date.


On your move-out day, one of our staff inspect the condition of your room. We are available from 10:00 to 17:00 for move-out procedure. Please finish up cleaning the room and packing your luggage before the inspection. We will return the deposit after the inspection. The procedure won’t take more than 10 minutes.