New apartment8 min walk to Kyoto Sta. Kujo Kawaramachi House open on 1 August!



WiFi Available

Wireless internet connection is available in all rooms/apartments/houses.


Smoking in the building is prohibited. Smoking is allowed only in outdoor.

No Hidden Cost

All you need to pay is the monthly rent. No management fee, no brokerage fee required. Read more...

Prorated Rent

The minimum stay is for 1 month. The rent for exceeding 30 days will be prorated... Read more...

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How to Rent

Search a Room

Find a room according to your preference, on the map or from the house list. Please send a Visit Request if you would like to see the room before booking.

Get in Touch

Send a request form or chat with us by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or LINE.

Book a Room

The room is bookable even if you are out of Kyoto. We only ask your credit card information for a secured pre-authorised transaction.

Start a New Life

Please come to our office where is a 5 minute walk from JR Kyoto Station. We will bring you to your house/apartment by car and make a contract after showing the room.
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Featured Houses

Fujibakama House

A renovated "Kyoto Machiya" house from two houses into one.

Heights Sanpo

Furnished 1K apartment. The monthly rent is 49000 yen.

Ladies Maison Bersa

Dormitory house with a large kitchen, living and bathroom.

Liquorice House

Renovated a 100-year-old Machiya. A fusion of antique furniture and modern atmosphere.

Shared House Bersa

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