Residents' Voice

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陳 (stayed at Heights Sanpo)

びんちゃん (stayed at Sharehouse Tachibana)

凄く楽しいシャアハウス生活でした 一緒に住んでる人もjーstayの社員さんも優しくていろいろややこしい問題も共に相談してもらいました。 他の人と一緒に住むのが嫌だった私ですが、シェアハウスで住みながら共同の楽しいさを学びました。 一人の人間として成長する機会になりました。 ありがとうございました
Matthieu Szymezak (stayed at Horikawa Kitayama Guesthouse)

Really convenient and pleasant guesthouse. Friendly people and helpful jetway staff.
Vai (stayed at Takasegawa House)

Takasegawa house is an amazing share house. Really spacious, and well equipped. It’s close to downtown, Keihan line, Hankyu line. I enjoyed that house and recommend it.
Ben (stayed at Yebisu House)

The house was very nice. I had a Japanese style room with a futon, in room sink and fridge. The house was easy to reach by bus and only a medium length walk to the subway. If I found myself in Kyoto again I’d be happy to return.