Residents' Voice

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Daniel Tang (stayed at Takasegawa House)

I stayed at the best location possible in relation to my work place. No complaints: the kitchen was much more equipped than I had imagined; the living room was clean and spacious;supermarkets and bus stops were only a few minutes away. I\'d definitely try to stay in the same house next time.
E.E (stayed at Sharehouse Tachibana)

Sharehouseに住んで楽しかった! いろいろな国の人に知り合っておもしろかった! Working Holidayの人におすすめ!(*´∇`)ノ
CHEN YU WEN (stayed at Fujibakama House)

部屋とキッチンはすばらしいです。 入居の半年間とてもうれしいです。
高見 悠 (stayed at Yebisu House)

son min oh (stayed at Kujo Kawaramachi House)

i was really satisfied with living here!! room was very clean and all the stuff which i needed was always prepared and manged well. location is also good for visiting anywhere in kyoto. thank you so much all you guys in j-stay. hope to see u soon again.