Residents' Voice

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Marco (stayed at Heights Sanpo)

Every thing OK Nice Area
Y.T (stayed at Toji House)

ハウスメイトと3人で楽しくすごせました。 ただ年末の寒さは厳しかったです。
ROBERTA (stayed at Fujibakama House)

J-STAYのひとはとてもやくだつでしんせつなひとです。 ありがとうごいます。 ロベルタ
Fabio (stayed at Karasuma Gojo Apartment)

We stayed at Karasuma Gojo Apartment for 10 nights. The studio apartment was clean and well located just 5 minutes walking to the old town of Kyoto and the train station. For us was really important to have a small kitchenette to have breakfast at home. We suggest it for short period in Kyoto, an amazing city!
Tsang Ki (stayed at Saga Ogura So)

Saga Ogura So is a wonderful place to stay in Kyoto. Arashiyama is beautiful. I had a great time here and also Jstay staff were all very nice ! It was great to stay in Kyoto.