Residents' Voice

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Laura (stayed at Saga Ogura So)

The house is located in the most beautiful spot in Kyoto. It was really nice to met so much people from other countries and Japanese.
N.K (stayed at Fujibakama House)

本当に住み心地良いお部屋で1ヵ月あまり生活できたことがありがたくステキな思い出になりました。 また是非チャンスを作って利用させていたければ、幸いです。 お世話になりました。ありがとうございました。
ANDREA (stayed at Toji House)

Toji's House has a good quality / price. It has a good location and is a typical japanese house. J-Stay staff is very helpful and friendly. It was a pleasure living here.
Vichi, K.L Cheng (stayed at Toji House)

The house location is convenient and quiet, with the bike borrowed by the owner can make your journey conveniently with great accessibility. In general it is a nice house.
David (stayed at Mibu Yashiki)

Lived here for 1 year. Everyone was really nice. House was big and clean but Wifi was not good. Enjoyed my stay.