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Laura (stayed at Toji House)

Very nice stay at Toji House! The roommates were great and the staff is very helpful, responsible and understanding. Kyoto is awesome!(^―^) Thank you!
TARA (stayed at Toji House)

Toji House is in a fantastic,well-connected location, with the benefit of a quiet friendly neighborhood. The house is well-maintained and the landlord is friendly and hardworking! I love sharing of Toji House, I very much recommend it.
D.F (stayed at Takasegawa House)

I really had a great time in Takasegawa House. It is a very nice share house.
Seth Pimlott (stayed at Fujibakama House)

Fujibakama House is very lovely, large traditional share house. The landlord has been very helpful & kind to us throughout our stay.
Y.Y (stayed at Nick's Guesthouse)

Very good share house. Excellent house mates and staff.