Residents' Voice

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Ayaka (stayed at Sharehouse Tachibana)

私は1人暮らしかシェアハウスか迷って、シェアハウスに決め住んでいました。シェアハウスでは新しい友人もでき、楽しい生活を送ることが出来ました。 キッチンが広く使えるところも私はとても気に入っています。
チョウ イハン (stayed at Saga Ogura So)

嵯峨小倉荘で約10か月住みました。 J-stayを選んですごく正解だったと思います。もし京都に帰ったら、ぜひもう一度J-stayを選びたいです。
Ryan (stayed at Fujibakama House)

The environment is very good, and I very enjoy the friendly and accepting atmosphere in the house. Although I did not know any of the other residents, we became friends very soon. The overall experience is excellent.
Y.L (stayed at Shared House Bersa)

The building isn\'t new and facilities aren\'t the best but the staff is very helpful and do come and clean regularly. I feel that for the price of the room you get exactly what you pay for.
Elizabeth Young (stayed at Kujo Kawaramachi House)

Wonderful stay!! It was a nice change from staying in a hostel long term and very homey. Was nice to have my own room again!! Sad to go, but need to move on to my next destination.