Residents' Voice

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Kenny (stayed at Kujo Kawaramachi House)

The sharehouse is located in very convenient locations, close to supermarket, some small restaurants, and subway station. Rooms are clean and sharemates are friendly. I can recommend here to my friends!
M.K (stayed at Sharehouse Tachibana)

大変快適に過ごさせていただきました! 色々な方ともお友達になれて嬉しかったです!! また機会があれば、利用したいです。 本当にお世話になりました!!
Hua Hua (stayed at Yebisu House)

Chris (stayed at Takasegawa House)

Was a nice stay, Good house,Good location,Well equipped kitchen. Everything fine. Staff also friendly and helpful.
VENG Samnang (stayed at Higashiyama Gojo Apartment)

I think it is one of the best location in Kyoto city. If you intend to stay for more than 1 weeks, it is suitable apartment for you, regarding the price as well as the easiness to make a rental house in Japan comparing to other places. Thanks, Samnang