Residents' Voice

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中村ゆうすけ (stayed at Shared House Bersa)

S.Y (stayed at Sharehouse Tachibana)

備品の準備もなくなったら、すぐに補充していただいて、快適に過ごせました。 ちょっとしたトラブルがあっても相談したらすぐに対応してもらえたので心強かったです。 初めての一人ぐらしがシェアハウスで良かったと思います。ありがとうございました。
O.R (stayed at Kaguraoka House )

I had a very nice stay in Kaguraoka House Room 3. The room and house were great, very good quality for the price. Location was lovely., and the staff was always available if needed.
Kristin (stayed at Fujibakama House)

I loved staying at Fujibakama House for a 6 whole weeks !! I am a professional working artist and university faculty in the USA. I had always dreamed of exploring the ancient and natural wonders of Kyoto. J-Stay was incredibly efficient and helpful. They have a very great system that works very smoothly. J-Stay is very responsible. It was wonderful to have a bicycle and be able to keep it safe within the house and explore the city by bike. The landlady and her son are human treasures, they live in independent attached homes. The guest house is traditional and was totally renovated. The kitchen and all the appliances are simple and beautiful all very new. There is great light and air. The location is quiet. We were four women from abroad staying and all got along very well. The spirit of the shared house is collaborative, everyone is asked to participate in the house cleaning and managing the waste. Our landlady agreed to offer us cooking lessons and then continued to cook for us once a week we were surprised with a dish of food to share. She and her talented architect son who did the proud renovation, hosted a BBQ cook out that everyone contributed to but they clearly found joy in inviting back former residents and the current ones, we must have been 25 people ! I don\'t speak a word of Japanese - but we had a very fun time working with our cell phones and a translation app - there was much laughter at the absurdity of the translations. The house is very tidy. There is a huge TV in the living room, I was happy that no one was watching I find TV very invasive. We were in all in Kyoto to SEE Kyoto and explore. I attached the city map to the door of the refrigerator which was great because we were constantly pointing to magical places to explore and advise each other. All in all I had a magical experience at Fujibakama House, I hope to return. Kristin
WU MINCHE (stayed at Toji House)

Everything was great. I had a nice experience. Thank you!