Why J-Stay?

Compare Cost of Housing Between Rental Apartment and J-Stay
  Rental Apartment J-Stay
Monthly Rent 45,000JPY (One room apartment) 59,000JPY (Takasegawa House #42)
Monthly Fee For Common Area and Management 5,200JPY None
Security Deposit None 1,000JPY
(We require 30,000JPY, refund 29,000JPY on when you move out)
Key Money 50,000JPY None
Brokerage Fee 23,625JPY (half-price of the monthly rent + cosumption tax) None
Household Furniture 90,000JPY
(Refrigerator, microwave, toaster, cooking utensils, bed, bedding, desk and chair etc)
Utility Expenses
(gas, water, electricity)
8,000JPY None
Total 221,825JPY 60,000JPY
Monthly cost in case you stay for a year 71,835JPY 59,000JPY